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Warren warrants support

February 26, 2020
North Fort Myers Neighbor

To the editor:

We have all noticed a serious decline in the quality of our waters. These past years we've seen toxic algae blooms, dying dolphins, and a dead whale shark wash up on a Sanibel beach. The beaches of my childhood, once blue, clear and pristine are no longer.

I have been a Floridian since the 1970s and in researching the pollution problem and politics, I have come to have full confidence in one candidate.


Elizabeth Warren does not take Big Sugar money. This is critical because the sugar corporations lobbied to weaken water protections in Florida, including with SFWMD. The sugar industry also gave money to the Chamber of Florida and Florida Realtors to influence who they endorsed. Local realtors and small business owners across Florida were unaware of this and how a major polluter influenced who they were told to vote for down-ticket. After that occurred Rick Scott (former governor now Senator) sued to prevent the Obama EPA from making Florida follow The Clean Water Act to prevent pollution. Once in office President Trump then weakened The Clean Water Act.

Warren has a perfect 100% A+ environmental rating on water policy from the League of Conservation Voters. As a Senator from the home of the Red Sox, known for its fishing industry, she has the experience, stewardship and knowledge to work with us to save our waters.

As a former United Nations Environmental Youth Forum Delegate I am endorsing Elizabeth Warren for President. I hope you will too.

And an additional reason to vote for Warren, at a time when Republicans, who received big bank donations, in Florida eagerly pushed for foreclosure rocket dockets to kick seniors and hard-working Americans out of their homes, Warren's Consumer Financial Protection Bureau was investigating and stopping illegal foreclosures.

She saved our home from an illegal foreclosure when we were paying our mortgage. The bank lied and we filed a complaint with her CFPB agency. Our family is eternally grateful and we are supporting her for President.

I imagine a bright future where Warren, a former special education teacher, professor and working family advocate, serves the nation in the White House, addresses the nation's problems with real solutions and we once again have our beautiful Florida waters back.

C.A.Hughes, MSW




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