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Hit-and-runs have to stop; time for checkpoints

February 19, 2020
North Fort Myers Neighbor

To the editor:

I am sick of the hit-and-run wrecks that seem to happen every day or night.

The people that cause these so-called accidents too often are DUI, on drugs, have no insurance, an expired license or some combination thereof.

I read where there are about 60,000 people in the Cape Coral/ Fort Myers area without any insurance. If they have no insurance and they have any kind of ownership of anything of value they know they will be sued or face jail time so they run. If they drive with an expired or no license, again they have no insurance and they run.

Years ago Lee County had car safety checks and that was a total waste of time and money as a car owner would change tires and wheels from a friend so he would pass the car safety check. After the inspection they again drove on bald tires and canceled the insurance.

I have no other idea of a way of checking drivers for insurance papers and valid license other than a check-stop that could not easily be avoided to check for insurance that is current and valid drivers license. If they do not have what they are stopped for the car is towed to a secure place until proof of insurance and a valid drivers license is presented.

Stop-check points are an inconvenience but it might save a precious life in your family and then you could say I'm glad for the checkpoints.

The wife and I have lived on the Cape for 52 years as of last month. There have been wrecks all the time we have lived here and, as the population grows, so do the number of wrecks and the people who could not care less about the laws and do what they please until it bites them in the rear.

Richard Wallace

Cape Coral



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