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Investigating the Bidens

February 12, 2020
North Fort Myers Neighbor

To the editor:

The partisan House of Representatives chose to impeach President Trump for his withholding of $400 million in military aid and the alleged pressuring of the newly elected president of Ukraine into investigating possible corruption by former VP Joe Biden. Did then-VP Joe Biden threaten to withhold $1 billion in loan money until the then-prosecutor general of Ukraine was fired? Yes. He admits this.

The most important question would be, was there enough evidence to warrant a possible corruption or a conflict of interest investigation on Vice President Joe Biden knowing that his son Hunter Biden was sitting on the board for Burisma Energy while VP Joe Biden was conducting investigations in Ukraine?

The Washington Post reported that the day the Vice President's son, Hunter Biden, accepted a position on the board of directors of a Ukrainian energy company, and the Vice President did not announce to the rest of the Obama Administration that he was recusing himself from all matters relating to Ukraine, was the day Joe Biden created a conflict of interest.

It does not matter whether or not Hunter Biden's "work" as a Director of Burisma Holdings was tainted by corruption.

It does not matter while at this time VP Joe Biden's efforts were to have the Ukrainian prosecutor general fired. Whether they acted corruptly is beside the point.

The point is, VP Joe Biden was conflicted in U.S. Policy toward Ukraine the moment his son joined the Board of Directors of Ukraine's second-largest privately owned natural gas producer.

Making and executing policy that could affect your child's personal financial interest is so obviously a conflict of interest. Does this warrant an investigation into this conflict if it involves American taxpayer money in aid to Ukraine regardless of when this occurred? Without question the answer is yes.

With a partisan Congress approving articles of impeachment, why did their investigation not include motive and trigger an investigation into the VP Joe Biden's clear conflict of interest while conducting Ukraine policy? Not investigating at the very least, creates the argument that this impeachment process by the House was politically motivated with hopes of altering the Presidential Election process. Wake up America!

Jack Wagner

Cape Coral



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