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Bring on the impeachment witnesses and documents

February 6, 2020
North Fort Myers Neighbor

To the editor:

I say the House Managers should have witnesses and documents at the trial of President Trump.

Having Democrats give daily leaks to the media for several months on what or may not have been said behind closed doors hearings to the media and having the media print allegations of wrong doing without naming their sources and how it was provided to them or any factual basis or redress by the President's attorney is just plain wrong and not fair to the American public or the President.

The Senate should only approve of the witnesses and documents that was part of the closed door sessions of the House so that the American public can see for themselves what they missed. And whether there was any truth to the forever leaked information that was used politically by the Democrats to try to turn public support for impeachment of Trump. It's these witnesses that provided the reasons for impeachment and it's these witnesses that should be in front of the public.

A fair trial is only as fair as the impeachment was fair and it's time for the Democrats to provide the witnesses that they used that were hidden from the public during the impeachment process. There is no longer a reason to hide the witnesses from the people. Let's get on with the process.

Leo Amos




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