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White House crime in progress

January 29, 2020
North Fort Myers Neighbor

To the editor:

I hope that you will see the virtue of printing this. The American people need to see this.

Some questions that are frequently asked, "What is Trump hiding?" or "What is Trump afraid of?" It is evident that Trump doesn't have any reason to fear. There are many people taking care of him. As to what he may be hiding, there are some things that are in plain view. As for all those technical things that have been hidden, like those bad calls, who knows?

As for those things that appear illegal, I would start with following the leads. Lev Parnas and Igor Fruman, associates of Giuliani as well as Trump, were arrested for illegally funnelling money to a pro-Trump election committee. Money obtained through selling (fraudulent) natural gas liquification scheme. These are two individuals with dual Russian and Ukrainian citizenship who are working in some capacity in the Ukrainian energy sector, (as well as in America's liquefied natural gas). We are currently shipping excess liquefied natural gas to Ukraine for questionable storage.

The administration has been very effective at getting rid of Biden, Ambassador Yovanovitch, and replacing the CEO of the Ukraine energy company with a Republican of Ukrainian-Russian dual citizenship (associated with Trump and Giuliani).

Former energy secretary Rick Perry will become vice financial chair for 2020 Republican National Committee. While on his official duties in Ukraine, he negotiated a contract for two of his associates to mine energy in Ukraine.

This current situation presents many opportunities to get around the sanctions on Russia of energy and finance as well as to funnel money into other possible illegal avenues.

Lewis Robinson

Fort Myers



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