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Trump is my president

January 29, 2020
North Fort Myers Neighbor

To the editor:

In response to: "Trump is not my president"

First let me tell you that when you have no good argument about the accomplishments of MY PRESIDENT, as usual you go to personal attacks.

Obama did not pull us out of an economic disaster, he prolonged it by causing the deficit to balloon and for what reason? Shovel ready projects that did not exist.

Then came the payoffs to all his cronies with the stimulus money that only got us farther in debt with no tangible results. You forgot that the debt rose on Obama's watch more than all previous presidents before him combined.

Now to remind you what this President has accomplished in only three years, not eight years, here is the list:

- Neil Gorsuch on the Supreme Court

- Brett Kavanaugh on the Supreme Court

- Stock Market reached an all-time high

- Consumer confidence at 17-year high

- More than 2 million jobs created

- Mortgage applications to a 7-year high

- Unemployment rate at 17-year low

- Women Entrepreneurship Act

- Gutted Obama-era regulations

- Ended war on coal

- Weakened Dodd-Frank regulations

- Promoted buying and hiring American Investment from major businesses

- Reduced illegal immigration

- Bids for Border Wall underway

- Fighting back against Sanctuary cities

- Victims of Immigration Crime Engagement

- Changed R.E. against ISIS

- Drafted plans to defeat ISIS

- Worked to reduce F-35 cost

- 5-year lobbying ban

- Sanctioned Iran over missile program

- Responded to Syria with bombing

- Moved our U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem

- Passage of Tax Reform Bill

- Signed 130 bills into law

- Exited the Paris Accord

- Created task force to reduce crime

- DOJ Targeting MS-13

- Over 180 Federal Judges appointed

- Energy Independence & economic growth

- Signed E.O. to protect police officers

- Signed E.O. to target drug cartels

- Signed E.O. for Religious freedom

- Sending Education back to the States

- Fixing the VA

- Trump's temporary travel ban

- The Keystone Pipeline

- Created commission on opioid addiction

- Combating human trafficking

- Rollback of Obama's Cuba policy

- Food stamp use lowest level in 7 years

- Reduced White House Payroll

- Donating Presidential Salary

- E.O. on Obama subsidies

- Would not certify Iran Nuclear Deal

- Successful trip to Asia

- Signed Trade Deal with China

- Designated North Korea a terrorist state

- ISIS lost virtually all of its territory

- Recognized Jerusalem as Israel's capital

- Introduced Tax Reform Plan

- Signed USMCA

- Withdrew from the TPP

- Signed 64 Executive Orders

Show me a list that is better than this in the eight years of a Democrat president (Obama).

For some people common sense and goodness never enters their mind when they are lemurs that follow the crowd without any thought of their own. I guess they would rather be socialists and destroy the greatest country the world has ever known, the U.S.A.

Put that in your pipe and smoke it, along with whatever else has affected the political thought process.

Byron Law

Cape Coral



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