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I am an American

July 31, 2019
North Fort Myers Neighbor

To the editor:

I am sick and tired of being called a Trump hater or being told I hate him because I am a Democrat. It has NOTHING to do with parties or politics.

I don't hate Trump although I truly believe he has evil intentions. I try to follow scripture and not give in to hate. However, I hate all that he stands for and all the awful things he is doing to the country that I dearly love. The reason is simple. It has nothing to do with politics or parties. Trump is contrary to everything I believe in!

I am patriotic. I am a hard worker. I own my home and pay my taxes and believe everyone, including the very wealthy and corporations, should pay their fair share of taxes. I have never committed a crime. I help people in need. I love people of all colors and religion and heritage. I do not trust the Russians. I believe they interfered in the 2016 election and are a threat to our democracy.

I recycle. I do not use pesticides nor Roundup. I believe in renewable energy. I believe the disabled have worth. I am an animal lover. I believe animal abuse is a crime equal to human abuse and should be punished equally. I believe in equal pay for women. I was sexually molested as a 15- year -by my boss and only told my mother. I did not involve the police so I believe it when women reveal these things years later.

I support and honor our police and firefighters. They are lifesavers. I believe the killer of a K-9 officer should receive the same penalty as the killer of a human officer. I support truckers. They are polite and helpful and need respect and well-kept roads and bridges to drive on. I support medical personnel and the incredible job they do. I support tradesmen and women. I do not believe that everyone needs a college education to have a good living and be an asset to society. I believe that anyone wanting to further their education should not have to go into huge debt to do so.

I believe the teacher, the hospice worker, the nurse, the mechanic, the veterinarian, the waitress, the mechanic and others are just as valuable to society as a top executive and should be compensated appropriately. The disparity of the income of the top 1 percent compared to the workers is inhumane. I support the coal miners. They should never have to enter another mine, but instead be trained and have industry brought to where they are and get gainful employment there. Black lung treatment and compensation should be 100 percent funded by the companies that profited from the coal. We cannot forget and push aside our 9-11 heroes and their health needs.

I volunteer a lot for non-profit organizations. I believe volunteering is the lifeblood of a civilized nation. I enjoy nature, the ocean, wildlife and our national parks. I support and enjoy the arts and public broadcasting. I honor our veterans and believe we need to do everything we can to keep them healthy and happy. I believe we do not need to display our military might through expensive parades. The money would be better spent helping our veterans and homeless. I put up the American flag on all holidays. I am against war but believe the U.S. needs to stand up for human rights world-wide. I vote and believe every able-minded adult citizen should be able to vote. I am against gerry-mandering.

Even though I am white, I despise racists and will interfere if someone makes race an issue. I will stand up for the rights of others and for justice. I do not support Citizens United. I believe in universal health care and a cost for prescription drugs that does not deprive the user of the necessities in life. I do not believe asylum seekers are criminals. I believe the Trump detention centers and removing children from their parents is a crime against humanity. My husband is an immigrant and a Holocaust survivor. I believe the United States should be a beacon of freedom, justice and integrity throughout the world and the president should be beyond reproach.

I support a woman's right to choose as long as she chooses early in the pregnancy but I am personally against abortion. I believe you should do everything possible to protect life. Even though I am straight, I support and will protect my friends and family who may be LGBTQ. I believe every child has a right to an excellent education. I support and believe in public education. I believe no one should fear to attend religious services. I believe in the right for a sane person to have a gun but am against the possession of rapid-fire weapons.

I grew up around soybean and corn fields. I canned food and sewed clothes for my children. I rode a horse and drove a tractor as a child. I support the small farmers and the hard work they do and I support immigrant workers that toil in the fields to help the farmers. I tell the truth, even if it is difficult. I will fight to protect my family, my friends and my animals. I pray daily. I believe in God. I am an American.

Everything I believe in is the opposite of what Trump does. If you follow Trump's governance, you will see that everything I believe in is being destroyed by Trump's policies and decrees. He has done the opposite of all that I so dearly believe in. This is why I am against this president. It is truly personal.

Denise Simenauer

Cape Coral



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