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North Fort Myers Civic Association: We are diverse, yes, but ‘We are all North Fort Myers’

April 3, 2019
By DOUG DAILEY ( , North Fort Myers Neighbor

North Fort Myers, it's a wonderful place. So many times, when you hear or read about North Fort Myers you never really get a true perspective of what type of community North Fort Myers really is. All you mostly hear about is the part that focuses on the things that we should do to improve our area, and not the part of what we already have in place that makes North Fort Myers a truly remarkable community.

North Fort Myers for decades has been mostly known as a family-oriented community. While business is always welcome in North Fort Myers, one of the main characteristics that makes North Fort Myers a great place to live and set up a business is our residents' commitment to our community and our endearing community spirit. North Fort Myers is unique in the fact that both business and residents often come together in supporting each other as equals. This is seen in the amount of "Mom and Pop" businesses that choose North Fort Myers as a place to set up shop and become involved in our unique community fabric not only as business members, but residents of our community as well.

To make our commitment to community and our endearing community spirit even more impressive, is the fact that North Fort Myers can actually be seen as different factions due to its wide-ranging geographical size. Simply, due to the large area that North Fort Myers, there are different type areas that make up North Fort Myers as a whole.

To the east you have the Bayshore area consisting of a mostly rural community in which the residents want to maintain their country lifestyle.

To the north you have communities mostly geared to our seasonal residents, as well as Magnolia Landing and Heron's Glen golfing communities.

To the west you have mostly residential housing along with scattered commercial developments, as well as North Fort Myers High School, high-end housing communities, and the future Paradise Preserve project.

Finally, we have the North Fort Myers Business District Corridor that has received much of the focus for North Fort Myers.

But when all is said and done, all of these different areas have the one very important thing in common "We are all North Fort Myers."

In my 50 years plus as a truly proud resident of North Fort Myers, I have found that this community will always find a way to come together, and help our community, no matter what part of North Fort Myers they are from. There are truly remarkable, incredible, and caring people that live in all of these areas that we all call North Fort Myers. From Kickapoo to Tropic Isles, from Suncoast Estates to Aqua Estates and beyond, North Fort Myers is our home and it is a truly wonderful place.

The North Fort Myers Civic Association is inviting all North Fort Myers residents to attend our annual Town Hall meeting in conjunction with the North Fort Myers Planning Panel and Design Review Committee on Wednesday, April 3, from 6-8 p.m. at the North Fort Myers Recreation Center.

Featured will be Lee County Commissioner Brian Hamman, along with North Fort Myers Fire Chief David Rice and other Lee County Department and Agency heads to update you on things happening in North Fort Myers.

There will be a question-and-answer period for residents after the speaker's presentations have been made.

North Fort Myers it is a truly wonderful place and it is only getting better.



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