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North Fort Myers Civic Association: North Fort Myers revitalization needed

February 13, 2019
By DOUG DAILEY - President of the North Fort Myers Civic Association , North Fort Myers Neighbor

Have you taken a drive down Old US 41 lately? Have you noticed the amount of outside storage that has been accumulating on the strip between Weavers Corner and the Caloosahatchee Bridge? From semi-tractors and empty semi trailers located on vacant lots, to unsightly outside storage of merchandise that has been growing in this area and beyond. Well, we at the North Fort Myers Civic Association have, and we want to bring the blight in this area to the attention of everyone in hopes of getting this storgage that has been popping up in this area removed from our community's landscape.

Old US 41 from Weavers Corner to the Caloosahatchee Bridge for many years has been known as the business district of North Fort Myers. However, over the past few years this area now has seemed to become a haven for outside vehicle storage, and the unsightly outside displaying of merchandise that have become unpleasant blemishes in our community. We have also noticed the lack of proper right-of-way maintenance in this area as well, as the ditches and easement areas have not been properly mowed and cleared for quite some time. This area also includes buildings that have painted phone numbers on their windows stating buildings "For Rent" that are extremely unsightly and may be in violation of Lee County Sign Ordinance 85-26 as well.

For North Fort Myers to get cleaned up and back on track, as a destination for future business growth, the North Fort Myers business district needs the attention of not only our community as a whole, but the combined cooperation of government entities such as Lee County Code Enforcement, Lee County and State DOT, Health and Human Services, Lee County Economic Development, as well as others. These government agencies in themselves can help in making this area once again a North Fort Myers business destination, and not the storage and display corridor this strip has unfortunately become over the past few years.

As president of the North Fort Myers Civic Association I will be proposing to our Board of Directors that the NFM Civic Association take a strong position on the clean up and revitalization of this prime business area for North Fort Myers. It is my intention to form a special sub-committee for the purpose of focusing on this particular area, and to be pro-active on its clean-up and revitalization efforts moving forward. The business district of North Fort Myers for years has been claimed as a priority by several local government agencies for revitalization, and economic development. This area, although not part of the area designated for the North Fort Myers revitalization funding, is primed and ready now for its own revitalization effort. Once this area shows signs of improvement, it can then be more easily spread to other areas of North Fort Myers not only as a sign of community pride and revitalization, but one of community and government cooperation for the betterment of North Fort Myers.

It would take serious civic, business, and community action along with government agencies working together with these civic and community partners in making this long-needed revitalization a reality. The promising part is that there are currently civic, business owners, long-time North Fort Myers residents, along with highly qualified North Fort Myers advocates that are ready to take this effort on immediately for the North Fort Myers Business District to help in making this effort happen for our community.

With these community and civic partners working together for our common goal, along with the input of our community, we will be able to secure the necessary government agencies needed in forming a strong community-government working relationship for the betterment of North Fort Myers.

We look forward to the challenge of the North Fort Myers Business District becoming a much-needed focal point of community and government interaction for the overall revitalization of North Fort Myers through a strong clean-up and revitalization effort. The North Fort Myers community deserves much better than what is in place now. With community and government teams working together for a common goal we can resolve this issue together for the betterment of North Fort Myers for now and years to come.

To become a member of the North Fort Myers Civic Association and to get involved in your community please go to our website at NFMCIVIC.COM and click on the join us link or attend our monthly meetings the second Tuesday of every month at the North Fort Myers Recreation Center from 6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.



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