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Water management district board must resign

January 24, 2019
North Fort Myers Neighbor

To the editor:

My family and I will not purchase produce from Lipman or Accursio and Sons Farms and will inform the grocers we shop with that as long as their company's president refuses to step down from South West Florida Water Management District Board as Gov. DeSantis requested we will not purchase your produce from them either. Further I will spread the word to my northern families to watch out for their produce.

Now South West Florida Water Management wants to spread human waste on farm land like they did in the areas where the diseases have been breaking out from vegetables! With Florida's growing population it is time to create strong septic system laws and stop dumping waste into our rivers. This would just create more nitrate and phosphate run off problems.

Red tide and blue green algae created a environmental disaster unequaled in Florida history. Florida's No. 1 industry, tourism, was devastated and the South West Florida Water Management only continues to obstruct or even make the problem worse. The board made up of developers, speculators, land development attorneys and farmers clearly have no idea about tourism. It has become clear to all Floridians that this board and members are only interested in their own self interest at the detriment of the rest of the state's residents, businesses, and environment.

John Paeno

Bonita Springs



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