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Build the wall

January 16, 2019
North Fort Myers Neighbor

To the editor:

Keep the government partially down, if that is what it takes to get wall funding.

The government shuts down, and goes home on vacation Dec. 21 Jan. 3, comes back and then says it's an emergency and we need to open the government.

Budgets for all essential parts of government have been approved earlier until September 2019.

The wall is a very important part of homeland security. If you have neighbors or other people who consistently come onto your property without your permission (it used to be called trespassing), you would probably consider installing a wall or fence preventing them coming onto on your property.

Unfortunately our "southern neighbors" are not respecting our border or immigration laws. Since they lack this respect for our country, a wall/fence needs to be installed. A wall is a preventative measure, just like locking one's door. It's common sense!

For all the progressives who think a wall doesn't work, why do they have or build a wall/fence around their home preventing people onto their property and why are most communities being build in Florida being built as gated communities?

Lou Walker

Cape Coral



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