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The lost art of thinking for yourself

January 16, 2019
North Fort Myers Neighbor

To the editor:

Logic, common sense, and basic thinking appear to be skills that many people no longer possess. There is a portion of our population who seem to have forgotten (or never had) the skills listed above. Let us use the debate over a border wall as an example.

When just a shred of common sense is applied to the matter, the answer is quite clear. Building a barrier along the southern border is logical, and necessary. To start, most of the media conveniently down plays the actual number of people simply walking into the country. In December alone there were 51,000 people arrested attempting to cross the southern border, 51,600 arrested in November, and 50,100 in October. In total, 521,090 people illegally crossed the southern border in 2018. There are currently 11 million people illegally residing in the United States. The news media presents the problem as a non-issue, a political stunt, a trickle of women and children. Logic however presents a much different picture.

Another notion of absurdity being presented by some is that "according to all the experts border walls are ineffective." This claim is blindly repeated over and over by opponents of a wall. Can anyone recall which "experts" are making this illogical claim? In fact, I can't recall any citation, ever of who these "experts" are. However according to Brandon Judd, the president of the Border Patrol Union (actual expert), a wall is both effective, and essential to securing the border. Common sense would also indicate that walls are a pretty good deterrent. Certainly didn't have 51,000 people a month jumping over the Berlin wall (although plenty tried).

Finally, while there are many who blindly oppose a wall, there are literally millions of logical Americans who absolutely do want a wall built. The federal budget for this year is $4.407 trillion. The President is asking for $5.6 billion. When you do the math, the cost of the wall is a mere 0.00127 percent of the annual budget. By comparison, the United States spent $33.2 billion tax dollars just on foreign aid last year.

When just a tiny amount of actual thinking for yourself is applied, it is crystal clear what the Democrats are doing. Blind opposition to the President and the pettiness of Nancy Pelosi in refusing to allow a negligible 0.00127 of 1 percent of the federal budget to go towards a border wall has caused all of this. The Democrats have sacrificed national security, and shut down part of the federal government, all as a political stunt.

Matthew Allen

Cape Coral



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