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Catholicism and abortion

January 9, 2019
North Fort Myers Neighbor

To editor:

Abortion continues to be a topic which creates conflict and strong feelings. We must recognize that most women with unintended pregnancies do not want an abortion. Still there are many organizations that are working to limit women's access to contraception, thus paradoxically creating a demand for abortion. The Catholic Church, meanwhile, is the organization that most opposes birth control.

The Catholic hierarchy, dominated by cloistered celibate white men, think they know what is best for women. The Catholic position on contraception, explained by Pope Paul VI, considers artificial contraception for married couples intrinsically evil.

Many Catholics do not subscribe to the church teachings on contraception. By actively opposing contraception to its 1.2 billion followers, the Catholic Church is directly culpable for an increase in abortions. The Catholic Church ignores that sex drive is a powerful God-given force and, without contraception, women may have unwanted pregnancies and abortions.

I strongly encourage all women and men to fight against archaic beliefs regarding contraception and abortion fueled by an ingrained desire to dominate and control women.

Paul S. Kiefner

Cape Coral



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