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Opposition to affordable halth care shows lack of concern for average Americans

December 27, 2018
North Fort Myers Neighbor

To the editor:

A federal judge in Ft. Worth, Texas has ruled that the Affordable Care Act is unconstitutional. The ruling by the George W. Bush appointee means that 20 million Americans will now be denied health insurance. It also means that, once again, for profit health insurance corporations can legally deny coverage to tens of millions more Americans that have a pre-existing condition.

When Donald Trump learned about this new status he applauded the decision.

Ever since the ACA was first passed the Republican Party has launched multiple attacks to end the law. It's absolutely accurate to observe that the Republican leadership isn't bothered by the harm, and actual deaths they'll cause. The philosophy they strictly adhere to is, "I've got mine, and you don't deserve yours."

Only a complete fool wouldn't recognize that elected Republicans only represent the interests of the wealthy, and corporations that pay them to do so. Their actions prove conclusively the fact that they have no concerns for average Americans.

Kenny Belford

Cape Coral



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