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Ax the tax

October 31, 2018
North Fort Myers Neighbor

To the editor:

Lee County taxpayers already pay two property taxes for schools. We as taxpayers pay impact fees and an additional 6 percent sales tax! There are two types of property taxes collected by the Lee County Tax Collector's office-real estate property taxes and tangible personal property taxes. There are so many hidden taxes that I doubt any accountant even with an MBA could chase down more than 50 percent of those hidden taxes. I totally reject any need for the Lee County School Board to place the one-half percent sales tax increase on the Nov. 6 ballot.

On Sept. 27, a 50-page government report found 15 findings against the Lee County School Board. This government audit of the School Board should stun the taxpayers. Ron Pure, of Tagister, an independent accounting group prepared a report which showed that the School Board has a $355 million spending and policy problem. I witnessed Ron Pure present this information to the board at the School Board meeting on Oct. 10. Previous attempts by that group to bring attention about these problems to the School Board were met with stonewalling by the Lee County School Board.

Everything this Lee County School Board does is for their own self-serving benefit. They are only interested in their own power, pensions and profits. What about years ago when the Florida lottery was supposed to pay for all the teachers' needs for decades? We don't need any more fiascos like the new Bonita School which cost over $80 million which, when completed, was over $15-20 million over budget and capped with the least amount of students in modern Lee County.

The County School Board Referendum to levy the one-half cent per dollar sales tax was positioned as the last item on my ballot and includes a statement, " with oversight by an independent citizens' committee" They've had advisory boards for a number of years to the Lee County School Board and the minute that a person on that advisory board has an opinion contrary to the thought of the School Board they are asked to resign or they are fired from that position!

Money has an evaporating nature with this school board. It seems to me that every action by the Lee County School Board is antithetical and deleterious to the educational needs of our working middle class.

I ask all Lee County voters who love our area as I do to reject the Lee School Board's crony capitalism, cost overruns and financial illiteracy! Ax the Tax! Vote NO on the greed tax! Do the right thing Just Say No!

Jon Larsen Shudlick

Fort Myers



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