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Civic Association continues rebrand efforts

April 18, 2018
By CHUCK BALLARO ( , North Fort Myers Neighbor

North Fort Myers may soon have a new slogan.

The North Fort Myers Civic Association taped six ideas to the podium and then came up with something fresh last Tuesday at the group's meeting at the North Fort Myers Recreation Center.

Slogans such as "We are North Fort Myers," "North for Me," and "Neighbors, Family, Memories," complete with a logo, were passed up for an 11th hour entry "Destination not Direction."

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Doug Dailey, civic association president.

The latter slogan will attempt to convey the community as a place to live, work and play and not a "pass through" to Fort Myers or Cape Coral, and the association members at the meeting who voted seemed to agree and gave it the nod.

Board member Andy Rosman came up with the idea after someone from another media company said, when asked why North Fort Myers wasn't including as an area it served, that they thought North Fort Myers was a direction, not an area.

"We want to be a destination, not a direction," Rossman said, who ultimately got North Fort Myers into the publication. "It was a small step, but it wasn't an easy step."

Civic also seemed to have found a solution to one of its most urgent needs, insurance, which needed to be settled ASAP.

The insurance has to be paid annually and represents the biggest expense the civic association has. Doug Dailey, the civic association president, said with the help of John Gardner, who owns an insurance agency in the area, they were able to perhaps shave off some of the costs.

"We found things we needed added to our policy and we feel confident we're headed in the right direction," Dailey said. "It's important any professional organization is insured and maintained."

The group has two coverages, one for the board members and directors and the other for general liability. It was the former policy that Gardner discovered could save them money.

However, some insurance companies raised some red flags, particularly because of the meeting in July regarding the proposal of a name change to the area and the resulting aftermath in the wake of the controversy.

"That could change. It needed to be brought before the board that. We'll have coverage before the end of the week," Dailey said.

The yearly dues may not be able to cover the insurance costs, thus, the need for fundraisers which, in the past, have been hit and miss. The pancake breakfast at Applebee's was a success the first time it was tried, but failed to prove profitable the next time around.

Dailey challenged the board to come up with ideas. They included a movie in the park and possible a doo-wop night on the rec center lanai.

In other business, Dailey said he and Economic Development Director Rachel Busch have gone to work to get issues at Hancock Bridge Square Shopping Center addressed. But there is one item that Dailey has shown particular interest, the front sign, which members says has become dilapidated.

The sign has become a personal challenge to the organization. Code enforcement has been working to get the sign fixed by the owners, but there isn't much they can do.

A meeting with a hearing examiner regarding the sign was expected to be held Monday, and Dailey said he would plan on being there.

"That sign is a big eyesore and we wanted to take that on as a project. We got a hearing and we want to follow up," Dailey said. "The Civic Association is going to be there and we're going to let them know that we are here to get rid of this eyesore."

Dailey also said he would be the guest speaker at the North Fort Myers Chamber of Commerce's monthly Business Leader's Luncheon at the Shell Factory this week.



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