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Looking for angels

January 17, 2018
North Fort Myers Neighbor

To the editor:

All the variations of the media today are replete with accusations, stories and innuendos of a myriad of unethical and immoral behavior in the workplace. And this is "news" to whom? Have we been living within a ball of informational vacuum?

The story that really tipped the scales for me was the accusations of a past female worker for Michael Douglas, who is accusing him of using profane language, not at her, but in his speaking with others in his offices. Really? If there are no complaints from males hearing their boss use this language but females can get traction because of their gender doesn't this put into doubt the demand of females being equal to males? Is that quest for equality in serious jeopardy?

How many of us, in our earlier years have been perfect in all matters of civility? Have we ever used profane language where we worked, stayed or played? This new phenomenon of complaints across lines of gender is silly. Angels we are not! The finger pointing is laughable. It is as if these aspiring brain washers are running out of soap and so are grasping at bubbles of hope in their determination to be noticed.

Joseph L. Kibitlewski, PhD.

Cape Coral



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