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Conflicting reports

December 27, 2017
North Fort Myers Neighbor

To the editor:

There were two lines in a national newspaper article that really said it all when it comes to Trump and his followers. Haven Gillispie, 37, a sales rep from Jamestown, N.Y., "hears conflicting reports on the impact of the tax bill. I don't know exactly what's in it," she says. "But Trump is promising it's going to help families, so I'm relying on that."

This is unbelievable. Right there inlays the entire problem with this ignorant, lying, deceiving, buffoon the Republican Party has unfortunately given us as the president. I ask you, intelligent voters, to actually look at the facts of what Trump has said he would do, against what he actually did about those promises.

1) Build the wall and have Mexico pay for it. Guess what? To date, no wall and even if it does get built, you're paying for it.

2) The Muslim ban on travel to America. Bogged down in courts due to Trump's incompetent lawyers. No word when this racial piece of garbage will happen.

3) Repeal Obamacare. Even with a Republican House and Senate, this fairy tale couldn't get past the Congress without hiding it in their current "tax reform" bill.

4) Tax reform. The only thing he could get passed on this front was a massive tax cut for the wealthiest of us; this little surprise was tied to a $1.5 trillion budget buster? Your grandchildren will be paying for this little beauty. He did manage to hide the most devastating part of this bill. That being, even with this budget buster, there still will not be enough money to pay for it, unless the GDP goes up to 4 percent, which happened 30 years ago and hasn't happen since. Guess who these slime balls in Congress are going to go after to make up for this deficit spending? Right again, only this one will directly affect you and your love ones, tomorrow morning. Of course this is the one Paul Ryan has been dreaming about for years. These monsters are going after your Social Security, Medicare and, of course, the poor's lifeline to health care, Medicaid. I've got two comments on this insult to me and my family. One, it's my money; I earned it, keep your grimy hands off of it. Two, go back, repeal Obamacare and replace it with an updated version that would be something even better than what we've got now. Just like you said you were going to do the day after you were elected. What happened?

5) Let's not forget Trump's infrastructure plan. Well, sadly he doesn't have one, let alone the money to pay for it. That money has already been spent on his tax giveaway to the rich bill. What happened to this well published and overpromised bill? I can guarantee you they haven't even given this any serious thought. Hell, they haven't even read the "tax reform bill" they just passed.

These are only a few of Trump's lies. Actually one of the fact check outfits has got him down for over 1,500 bald faced lies since he was inaugurated. So you see Ms. Gillispie, as you wait for your lord and master's word to clear up this "tax reform" bill for you, I would strongly suggest you rethink what Trump says he's going to do for you and your family, with what he will actually do for you and your family. If history rings the bell of the truth, that will be absolutely nothing.

What would you do? Probably throw him out on the street, right? While there you have it, except you should throw Trump back into the swamp from where he has come.

Jim Healy

Cape Coral



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