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High school violence

December 20, 2017
North Fort Myers Neighbor

To the editor:

I know I must be showing my age when it comes as a surprise to me just how much money is required to try and maintain a normal environment in our schools. Even with a police presence bolstered by additional security personal it appears that are children are in danger while trying to get an education.

After what was reported as a near riot with injuries in a local school you would think that someone would realize that this behavior cannot be tolerated! The hardest thing to understand is what is considered as punishment for those involved in these types of incidents. If you or a loved one was injured, would you think 10 days suspension was just for those involved? A little common sense would indicate that this is like giving perpetrators a vacation as a reward for bad behavior. Then when they return every effort will be made to bring them up to date with their studies, all this at additional cost to taxpayers.

Would it not make more sense to require these students along with one of their parents to attend classes together? The simple threat of a parent and child attending school together would encourage better behavior. It would not be a unreasonable, to require parents to participate in their child's discipline.

Richard Klenovich

Lehigh Acres



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