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And they are paid for this!

November 8, 2017
North Fort Myers Neighbor

To the editor:

The pattern for the main stream media has been to investigate to the nth degree every possible nuance to an event of a killing by the gunman du jour.

This is spoon fed to us as "news" and the majority of the population relies on this most useless offering. We learn of the shooters high school friends, the type of clothes he/she liked and we will soon be blessed by knowing their preference of dessert!

However, if one does some due diligence one can actually discover that there are other places and people doing things outside of the locked sphere of influence of our main stream media. Oh the pain!

Is much of this useless reporting nothing more than a bait and switch to prevent us from acquiring what is really going on in our world that affects us much more than the continuing application of news pap?

Perhaps it is because of the continued dumbing-down of our educational system that prevents people from knowing that there are other places that are not included in their Face Book contacts.

Joseph L. Kibitlewski, PhD.

Cape Coral



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