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SHARE Club holds Facebook tutorial

August 30, 2017
By CHUCK BALLARO ( , North Fort Myers Neighbor

As computers have become a necessity in the lives of nearly everyone, it has become important for even seniors, usually the ones who understand them the least, to figure out how to use them.

And one of the most important things they need to do is learn how to use social networks to keep up to date on friends and family. That usually means Facebook.

On Wednesday, Kelley Sullivan of Just Like Family Home Care of Naples, and Lynne Cook of Learn with Lynne, a small company that teaches people about technology, met with SHARE Club members to give them a tutorial on how to use this vital website.

Facebook is reportedly the top social networking site for seniors. About 63 percent of those 50 to 64 use it, and 56 percent of those 65 and over do as well. Only about one in 10 of senior citizens use Twitter.

Thankfully, nearly everyone there was already somewhat versed on Facebook, which allowed the speakers to take their two-hour presentation to the next level, with club members following along on their phones and tablets.

They explained how to create a Facebook page, being very careful to create a password that isn't so easy that anyone can learn it.

"Your password should have at least one capital letter, one number and one character. You should have several passwords that you can remember, but not what others can," Sullivan said.

They also explained how to find friends, create a profile, find and set a profile picture, view the news feed, update your status, use emojis and more.

Lynne said that Facebook is among the easiest and safest social networks, but its ease of use can also be a challenge, so you must be careful what you post.

"You think you're just talking to friends, but they have 20 other friends and their friends have friends," Lynne said. "Strangers can look at your information."

One of the dangers, they said, is TMI; too much information. Don't go on vacation and post your pictures. It's very easy for someone to see the post, find out where you live, and break in to steal all your valuables.

Seniors are also vulnerable to scammers, who are also finding fresh prey online.

What you say can also be dangerous. We've all said something we wish we could take back, but a new social networking craze is public shaming.

Make one off-color remark and it goes viral. Thousands of people can shame you and hold you to ridicule, which could result in public humiliation, losing your job and maybe even worse.

The best way to keep conversations private is to use the instant message feature to take one-on-one. You can also customize Facebook to limit who gets to see certain information, friend and unfriend people, customize privacy setting and more.

Sullivan said that the most useful tool is the question mark. That usually answers all your questions.



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