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Focus on the real issues

February 22, 2017
North Fort Myers Neighbor

To the editor:

As I read the comments from last week's paper, I see a distinction between the left and the right. The left writes about mandates (Our constitution does not allow a mandate), boycotts (what does that mean, leave the country, not receive Social Security payments?), gag orders (simply stay off social media until the new policies are defined is not a gag order). These all seem to be insignificant compared to conservative concerns;

1. Illegal immigration that drains our resources, increases our crime, and threatens our safety.

2.The increased murder rate in Chicago and other cities

3. Iran breaking the Obama treaty after $140 billion in sanctions was released. The treaty has weak verification and no significant punishment. What could be worse than a nuclear bomb in the Middle East or New York City?

4. Russia that has taken Croatia, invaded Ukraine and is threatening the Baltic States

5. Regulations that hamstring small businesses, increasing the cost to consumers and hurting jobs.

6. Revising Obama Care that has increased premiums by up to 100 percent and deductibles that have more than doubled. This is costing all of us a terrible price and has endangered our entire health care system.

It would be refreshing to hear the left argue issues that affect the safety and economics of our lives instead of just having a temper tantrum.

To do otherwise is to place power above America.

John Benedict

Cape Coral



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