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President’s position on Israel/Palestine issue is wrong

February 22, 2017
North Fort Myers Neighbor

To the editor:

Statements by Donald Trump at today's news conference was wise sarcasm, very unprofessional. He deviated from the U.S. long-time position and our effort to stabilize that area. The position he took was not a wise choice.

This is the attitude of the imperialist (U.S.) back since 1804 when we conquered Cuba and the Philippines from Spain. The imperialists argued that no group was capable of governing and leading themselves except the "whites." Therefore everyone else had to accept leadership from the U.S.

There is no way that Palestinians can stand against Israel and work this out in an equal manner - especially since we are supplying Israel with every means possible to make it advantageous to them.

Palestinians are living in very poor conditions.

They have no choice except to react to this violence with violence and accept help wherever it's offered. This amounts to a form of terrorism which we commit often and deny.

We Americans should respond to Trump with "hell no this is wrong."

This kind of action and talk makes our world much less safe. It will likely cause more terrorism in response.

Lewis Robinson

Fort Myers



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