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Time to throw in the towel

February 8, 2017
North Fort Myers Neighbor

To the editor:

Here we go again. The Democrats are still crying over Hillary losing becoming the president. If she had won, "heaven forbid," I know I would have been very disappointed and a very unhappy camper,but I'll be darned if I would march, riot cause damage or act like a jerk because Trump lost. I would accept four more years of an Obama copy being president and Willie being first man or lady whichever.

Allen Wollscheidt wants every person to boycott. What in heck are we supposed to boycott? Stating every one must take a stand. What is everyone to take a stand for or against?? In case the Democrats did not pay attention to the election, President Trump won the state of Florida. Does that tell you anything??

I do have an idea that would work for me. Go with Al Sharpton and a bunch of Hollywood people who also think they know what everyone should do. They promised they would leave the U.S.A. if Trump won. They still haven't left so maybe they can make room for you.

Try this: Move back to where ever you came from as it is probably a Democratic state and that probably would work for a whole lot of Republicans better then boycotting whatever we are supposed to start boycotting.

President Donald Trump won the presidency whether you or anybody else wants to believe different. So it's time to put your crying towel away and grow up! I'm also a very happy Hillary deplorable! I won't print what I call her!

Richard Wallace

Cape Coral



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