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The truth about Hillary and Bill

February 8, 2017
North Fort Myers Neighbor

To the editor:

Since the election the mass media (other than Fox news and talk radio) have broadcast 95 percent negative stories about Trump and his administration. Never mind that the stock market is up over 10 percent and the DOW is up over 2,000 points. Never mind that everyone's IRA and 401K have grown substantially. Never mind that we have a President that (despite his obvious faults) is a patriot, truly loves America, and is not travelling the world apologizing for America. Apparently none of this is newsworthy.

Now, back to Hillary and Bill. When are we going to see a national news story on the Clinton Foundation and the Clinton Initiative? I have not personally researched, but have read, that the foundation is collapsing. I would like to know how many $500,000 speaking gigs that either Hillary or Bill have gotten in the last 2-1/2 months. I dare speculate that the answer is "0." And, why might that be? Because after the end of the Clintons' political careers their corruption can no longer deliver favoritism and political advantage.

I am not, and have never been, a devoted Trump fan. But in addition to my first paragraph, I have observed an overdue absence of political correctness, and in infusion of common sense. I have observed the appointment of a conservative cabinet; a cabinet of successful people who maybe know how to get things done. The world is made up of liberals, conservatives, and all those in between. The world needs poets, musicians, movie actors, sociologist, news casters, and teachers. However, Obama and the Hillary/Bill cabal have proven that they should never be given a checkbook nor should they ever be allowed to run anything.

I am hoping that our grandchildren grow up to recognize that the election of 2016 saved America.

Jim Fox

Cape Coral



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