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Is it wrong to love?

December 28, 2010
North Fort Myers Neighbor

To the editor:

Love: a strong positive emotion of regard and affection. Imagine finding someone to love and not being able to "seal the deal" for the rest of your lives together. Every day, gay and lesbian couples are unfairly told they are not allowed the same rights as "normal" couples. Each and every person against gay marriage seems to have a different answer as to why homosexuals should not be granted the right to wed. The reasons are not fair, and quite frankly, hypocritical and contradicting. Every one, gay or straight, should have the same rights. Gay marriage should be legalized.

Nowhere in the Bible does it state that marriage should be between two people of the opposite sex. Although it only talks about man and woman, that does not mean that only man and woman can marry. Times are changing and people are evolving. Yet, many people use this as their excuse as to why gay and lesbian couples should not be granted marriage rights. I am a Christian. I go to church. I've studied the many books of the Bible. I have yet to find a book, chapter, or verse in the Bible against same-sex couples. As far as I know, no one else has found one, either.

Yet another reason for unequal marriage rights for homosexual couples is the belief that gay couples are unable to reproduce, therefore hurting the continuation of the population. If this is the case, why are infertile couples allowed to marry? What about those couples that simply choose not to bear children? They aren't aiding in population growth, either. The world is over populated as it is. A few less children will not hurt anything. Our species will not die out.

Segregation was a big deal in the past. What makes homosexuals any different than blacks, or yellows or browns? There is no difference. Gays are just the same as you and I and I'm positive you would not want to be put down by something you can't control. They are not criminals. They are humans and civilians who should be given the rights and freedoms just like everyone else has in our "free country."

A common excuse that I have heard is that people feel that children with gay parents are not raised in a healthy environment. Parents should not be judged on their sexuality. If anything, people need to pay more attention to the kids raised in broken homes. The kids who are raised around child molesters. The kids of convicted felons. I would be way more concerned with kids in an environment like that than them just being around a homosexual.

Every person has the right to be with the person they love and it is not fair to be treated as an outsider who is not accepted into the world. It is important that homosexuals are allowed the same marriage rights as everyone else.

Whitney Decker

Cape Coral



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