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Guest Opinion: Taxpayer cleanup tab column disputed

March 2, 2016 A recent column by Ray Judah entitled “Taxpayers continue to pick up the clean-up tab” is littered with factual inaccuracies and completely misrepresents portions of the comprehensive water bill... more »»

Guest Opinion: Taxpayers continue to pick up the clean-up tab

February 24, 2016 During the 2016 State legislative session, Rep. Matt Caldwell (R) sponsored a new “Water Policy Bill,” recently signed by Go. more »»

Liars-in-Chief — The facts

February 24, 2016 To the editor: Republicans have been quick to brand Hillary Clinton a liar and often referred to President Obama as the Liar-in-Chief. more »»

Anointed ones

February 24, 2016 To the editor: Back many years ago Hillary Clinton, with the approval of the Democratic Party, anointed herself to be the nominee elect for the presidency in 2016. more »»

Obama, Hillary and Bernie

February 24, 2016 To the editor: President Obama promised to transform the nation. Instead he has brought America to the brink of absolute destruction. He’s choked generations to come with overwhelming debt. more »»

Food for thought

February 17, 2016 To the editor: In regard to some of the louder folks who habituate this space — I think that they need to be reminded of a quote from Joseph Heller’s Catch 22 : “It was miraculous. more »»

Kalfus is not the only one who’s angry

February 17, 2016 To the editor: So Dick Kalfus is mad. Well, I am mad, too. more »»

Addressing taxes

February 10, 2016 To the editor: I watched Richard Dreyfuss say this morning that he would support a 90 percent tax rate on the higher earners. At first that may seem like a good idea. more »»


February 3, 2016 To the editor: Well, the “season” is upon us. I am not referring to the changes in weather, but the “whether” of Who. more »»

Frank Mann, Lee County commissioner

February 3, 2016 To the editor: Commissioner Mann deserves to be reelected! With honesty, integrity, hard work, and many accomplishments filling his record this elected official has succeeded in making better thos... more »»

Manatees are not native

February 3, 2016 To the editor: I would like to comment on the article that was in the media recently by a Jennifer Kay about these so called Florida manatees. more »»

Guest Opinion: Enjoy your Sanibel experience during peak season

January 27, 2016 As the Mayor of Sanibel Island, I can attest that the No. 1 complaint we receive from our visitors is the negative impact of traffic congestion during peak season. more »»

‘13 Hours’ is Hillary’s ‘All the President's Men’

January 27, 2016 To the editor: The recently released movie “13 Hours” could do to Hillary Clinton what senators, congressmen, editorials, and even Donald Trump can’t do —“13 Hours” might finish Hillary Clinton's... more »»

Background checks

January 20, 2016 To the editor: I take the issue of gun ownership seriously. I also take the Second Amendment seriously as well. more »»

Lee County lucky to have Sheriff Scott

January 13, 2016 To the editor: Sheriff Scott has once again made Lee County proud. more »»

Prioritize our veterans

January 13, 2016 To the editor: As a nation we need to change the priorities of helping. Millions of illegal immigrants benefit from different programs, government or private. more »»

Who determines what hate is?

January 13, 2016 To the editor: Hate is usually described as an “intense or passionate dislike.” But that does not answer the question. more »»

‘Magic Under the Mangroves’ supports a worthy cause

January 6, 2016 To the editor: I believe that when you love something it is your responsibility to protect i. more »»

Income inequality – Social justice

December 30, 2015 To the editor: There’s been a good bit of discussion lately about the inequality of incomes generated in our mostly free market economic system. more »»

Women in combat

December 30, 2015 To the editor: Women in combat and joy in the women’s world. more »»



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