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Left ignores past transgressions

January 31, 2018 To the editor: Interesting letter accusing Trump of being racist, using sexual harassment, and unethical business conduct! The writer also accused Trump of misconduct. more »»

Scrub American politics with reform

January 31, 2018 To the editor: Let’s clean up American politics: Here's how , Part 1” 1) (First by a country mile.) No more elected “representatives,” so-called “public servants. more »»

Adding insult to injury

January 24, 2018 To the editor: Again the Lee School Board has insulted the intelligence of the Lee County voters. more »»

Rooney is quiet for a change

January 24, 2018 To the editor: Francis Rooney wasted no time saying he wanted to purge the FBI agents for political bias. Sounding very dictatorial and pledging 100 percent support for our very vulgar president. more »»

Couldn’t have said it better myself

January 24, 2018 To the editor: On the issue of the Cape vs LCEC I have been struggling for months to put into words how I feel, and wondering if, when I find the words, to whom should I send the. more »»

Rooney not right for Southwest Florida

January 17, 2018 To the editor: My response is in reference to the opinion post “Much accomplished in 2017” by Francis Rooney, Representative to the House. more »»

Looking for angels

January 17, 2018 To the editor: All the variations of the media today are replete with accusations, stories and innuendos of a myriad of unethical and immoral behavior in the workplace. more »»

Snowflake tizzy

January 17, 2018 To the editor: Republican Representative Francis Rooney caused quite a stir this last week when he made the bold statement that he wanted leaders at the Department of Justice and FBI to “purge”... more »»

When politicians talk ‘purge,’ pay attention

January 17, 2018 To the editor: Recently, our very own, very rich, Republican Congressman Francis Rooney announced to the world his desire to purge FBI employees who, in his estimation, are not loyal to President... more »»

Guest Column: Much accomplished in ’17; much work ahead in the new year

January 10, 2018 As we begin the new year, it is a time to reflect upon past accomplishments and look ahead to 2018 goal. more »»

Guest Column: Affordable housing unattainable in Florida

January 10, 2018 Florida is in the midst of an affordable housing crisis. Unfortunately, our governor and state lawmakers are only making matters worse. more »»

America does not ‘purge’

January 3, 2018 To the editor: I would like to submit a letter I just sent to my Congressman, Francis Rooney, for public consideration: “In regard to the interview you gave on MSNBC De. more »»

True colors

January 3, 2018 To the editor: I’ve always valued showing one's “true colors,” denoting what one truly represents, politically, morally, and socially. In America, our true colors have been red, white and blue. more »»

Raise the bar

January 3, 2018 To the editor: There is a serious problem with LCEC’s customer service. I can understand no one answering the switchboard (except for emergency calls) in the aftermath of Irma. more »»

Conflicting reports

December 27, 2017 To the editor: There were two lines in a national newspaper article that really said it all when it comes to Trump and his followers. Haven Gillispie, 37, a sales rep from Jamestown, N.Y. more »»

Success should be praised

December 27, 2017 To the editor: Would we want those who are unfamiliar with creating and building great enterprises running the country? CEOs and their corporate brothers create, build the vehicles that, yes, carry... more »»

Our declining benefit called Social Security

December 27, 2017 To the editor: As I understand it, the Social Security program was implemented in 1935 by President F.D. Roosevelt as a means of reducing poverty and suffering by a large majority of the U.S. more »»

Crisis pregnancy center funding no boon to women’s health

December 20, 2017 To the editor: Our Florida legislators are fast-tracking bills through the legislature that can potentially be dangerous to women. more »»

High school violence

December 20, 2017 To the editor: I know I must be showing my age when it comes as a surprise to me just how much money is required to try and maintain a normal environment in our schools. more »»

Invest in the future; invest in solar

December 20, 2017 To the editor: Legislation will be introduced in the upcoming legislative session in the state of Florida to ban fracking. This includes acid matrix stimulation. more »»



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